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The start 
The origin of Communication Partners starts with Foto de Klijne in 1993 on the Herenstraat in Berkel en Rodenrijs. Photographer Robert Philipe de Klijne and Gerard de Raad established their photographic enterprise in that year, where creativity and the production of photography were central. The company once again expanded with branches in Bodegraven and in Alexandrium. Technological developments changed the photo landscape and they decided to expand the business with graphic services for other businesses. This was the start to the B2B market. 

Transition towards the B2B market 
In his 25 years as a photographer, Robert Philipe de Klijne shot more than 1,500 wedding reportages and many more portraits. But because of the digitalization the consumers appreciation for professional photography changed. It was decided to focus more on the business market. Because clients increasingly started asking for graphic services, Robert and Gerard started a graphic company in 2006 under a franchise formula. During this period, they developed themselves as a graphic entrepreneur with a specialization in marketing communication. 

After an earlier internship in 2010, Martijn Francken joined our sales team in 2013. Martijn is a driven and energetic person. His interest and involvement in the issues of our customers is deeply rooted in his DNA.Martijn's growth and development in commercial and management skills quickly showed a future entrepreneur. Martijn, together with Robert and Gerard, is now co-owner of Communication Partners and together they determine the direction and course of the company. 

Important steps  
By moving the branch in 2014 to a large location on a business park in Lansingerland, the turn around to B2B was completed. This step ensured further growth and positioning with a better image. With offices in Bodegraven and Lansingerland, our team operated under the well-known franchise formula in copying and printing.The identity, image and business model of this formula were not in line with our ambitions and objectives. In order to better utilize the potential in the market, we have set up our own formula and developed a suitable identity. The new formula can be compared with that of a supermarket, but then a total supplier of marketing communication solutions, services and products. 

Our challenge 
Due to the many challenges in the past decade, we have developed our company into a company that is not afraid to change course. These dynamics and experiences are the most important sources of inspiration to advise and help our customers. We want to be able to fully support companies in their communication. As a result, we are always looking for opportunities to further improve and broaden our services. That is why our (growing) team consists of dedicated people with a genuine passion to help our customers. Training and personal development are central to this, with the aim of continuing to grow and innovate together with our partners!

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Our Team

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