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With Communication Partners, you don’t have just any communications agency on your hands. Creative thinkers we are from the very first moment you contact us. We flawlessly sense what you mean, whatever your request for advertising material. Walking just a step harder for you is what we do. Little extra attention with which you will make a difference. Drinking bottle with your branding or a spectacular logo sign on your facade, from common to fun.

Communication and promotional material

Everything you need in terms of communication and promotional materials can be found under one roof at Communication Partners. Working with our advertising agency means that you can rely on an original way of advertising your company. Clearly, professionally and at competitive prices, we take care of your communication, campaign or promotion in the Rotterdam and The Hague region. Forget internet providers and go for real quality and service for your promos and giveaways. The great thing is, we show you that excellent promotional materials don’t have to be expensive and are delivered super fast. That makes us your ideal partner in communications and marketing materials.

Advertising agency for communications and promotional materials

Communication with impact, that is what we provide at Communication Partners and we do this from four areas of expertise. Or segments, whatever you want to call it. From every expertise or segment, we deliver amazingly cool products and applications for the promotion of your company or organization. Advertising your company starts with a visit to our showroom in Berkel en Rodenrijs. Get inspired!

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Creative advertising agency for communications with impact

We create catchy advertising campaigns for lots of companies in the Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft, Zoetermeer and Lansingerland region

Communication Experience Centre in Berkel en Rodenrijs

If you knock on the door of our Communication Experience Centre in Berkel en Rodenrijs, you will first get a nice cup of coffee or tea. Take your time to look around at what we have on offer. In addition to everything you see at our corporate location, we have done an awful lot of signing and outdoor advertising in our work areas. Time spent visiting Communication Partners is more than worth it. Together we look at your business, who are you and what do you want to stand out in your industry. That is where we adapt our idea for branding and promotional items. Tad crazy or prefer a bit more conservative. Doesn’t really matter to us, as long as we can unleash our creativity on it. Because we too want to stand out within our own industry and we do so with a unique approach. Personal, inexpensive, but original and with super fast delivery times.

Advertising for companies

We do advertising for businesses of all shapes and sizes. No blah blah, but very nice and suitable for you and your target group. Catchy promotion for events, giveaways, branded material that you proudly display or hand out. Our name says it all, we are your partner for communication and marketing. Specialists in standing out and distinguishing with beautiful products of excellent quality. Locations where we generally work are the Rotterdam region, The Hague, Lansingerland, Delft, Zoetermeer, Leiden, Alphen aan den Rijn and Bodegraven. Our creative team works in Berkel en Rodenrijs where we also have our own production workshop. You will find our field staff on location in our working regions on projects for signing and outdoor advertising, events and vehicle lettering.

Price request facade advertising, signing, print, logo on corporate clothing

Want to know what we can do for your business or organization? Or are you looking for a good price fast for facade advertising, signing, print, printing or printed corporate clothing? Leave your details on our site and we will email or call you back as soon as possible. Requesting a price from Communication Partners is often the beginning of a successful collaboration, but always without obligation!

Making your business really stand out

Want signage on your building, a wall sign or advertising column on your property?

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