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About our company Communication Partners

Communication Partners is known as the specialist you can rely on as a company. For us, full service means that one look is often enough and we get that confidence. Of course, you have to earn and earn that trust first. With a colorful group of communication professionals, creatives, thinkers and go-getters, we are very happy to show you what we mean by communication with impact. A team we are very proud of and on which we can build. On this site we tell you more about our company Communication Partners with locations in Berkel en Rodenrijs and Bodegraven.  

What we do for you as a partner in communication

Our company name says it all, we are your partner in communication. We help companies to be more visible from various disciplines. In addition to an extremely wide and great range of promotionals and a huge number of other products, we are mainly concerned with quality. Quality from moment one, your introduction to Communication Partners, our team, the way we present our marketing material to you, online and offline. But above all, the contact with our own professionals and with our customers.

More than a promotional material supplier

We love our profession very much, always aim for the highest achievable and want to surprise you. Not just once, but always. We would also love it very much. Exactly that is our strength. Of course we can tell you how good we are, that we know our business and deliver quality. We do, but there is so much more that we make our customers happy with. Customers also like to stay with us and come back with the most diverse questions. At a certain point, sometimes a little earlier and sometimes a little later, we gain trust and become a real full-service partner. For example, we supply a complete package of promotional material to many regular customers, from gadgets to a catchy exhibition stand.

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Prefer something more personal

Communication tools and marketing expressions can be found online everywhere these days. You request a quote and receive an email with the price. We don't think it's a great approach, so we prefer to make it a bit more personal. Of course we also make a quotation or quote for a product or project, but don't bang boom in your email without knowing who you are actually doing business with. We are happy to provide you with a good proposal with comparable products and prices. That is that part of thinking along and feeling in which we can support you, in other words, our added value.

We really make your company stand out

Do you want signing on your building, a facade sign or advertising column on your property? Then let our specialists in marketing and communication advise you in advance and do not hesitate to ask all your questions. Signing is simply not something that you replace every year, so you want to compare different signing options based on good advice. Logo board with or without lighting, flat or 3D and from which material types can you choose? We will show you all this by means of examples of previous projects we have carried out.  

Surprisingly from the corner

Print and printing also remains a very important branch within our role as a communication company. We design professionally and we always offer the best suitable solution for printing and printing. Depending on the print run, we determine together how your printing or printing will be carried out and on which type of paper. The finishing of a brochure or magazine is also entrusted to us. Don't go for standard, but just that extra gloss or matte finish for the finishing touch. We can be surprising, if we do say so ourselves. We will take you along in that process, as long as you like it of course. You can also leave a project completely to us with peace of mind. It's great to see how we can turn original ideas into catchy promotional material for our customers. This is how we distinguish ourselves in the market at Communication Partners.

Who are you dealing with?

Small piece of history is also nice to tell. We have only seen the passion that we work with as a team and what we really stand for in recent years. Not only as a company we have grown into a reliable player in the field of promotion and presentation in the Rotterdam region. Our people from all kinds of fields come together within Communication Partners and show the best of themselves in their own role within our company. Commercial die-hards, inventive marketing professionals, creative minds, techies and print enthusiasts, together we have greatly strengthened our position in the market. Everyone is really just doing their thing. It is nice to see the progress of a project or application, because that really goes through our entire company. Gradually you notice the input of everyone's profession and the most beautiful things arise. We always agree on delivery, just good work.

At the helm of Communication Partners

At the helm of Communication Partners are Robert Philipe de Klijne, Martijn Francken and Gerard de Raad. You could say that these men know just about every company in the Rotterdam region, from Berkel en Rodenrijs to Bodegraven. With two company locations, a showroom and production workshop under their own management, they can perfectly manage their team. The lines are very short and work is done efficiently. They are not averse to hard work and they are also not afraid to cooperate on an outdoor job. For example, you regularly see Robert or Martijn mounting a billboard on the facade or placing an advertising column. Both gentlemen mainly work from the Berkel en Rodenrijs location. Gerard keeps a financial overview and is the contact person at the Bodegraaf location.

Trust over and over again

Full service communication partner almost always means that one look is enough and that gives us a lot of mutual trust. Trust that we receive on the basis of good cooperation, the quality we deliver and the agreements we keep. As a team, we gain that trust by working together with colleagues and with our customers. Renewal we see it as added value, a growth of our company. We are communication professionals, each with our own creative piece in a larger whole. Together you can take steps and you will get further. That is exactly our approach, internally and externally. Everything stands or falls with working together and trusting each other. That is why we are so proud of our team in Berkel en Rodenrijs and Bodegraven. Together we work on beautiful products and we build a relationship with our customers. 

Conquer hearts

We once started purely on the side of photography and print. Over time, our specialism changed to a broader range with new products and many more options. We invested our time and resources well and met new people from Rotterdam to The Hague. It's impossible to get away from photography and print if you're an expert, so we love to combine new marketing materials that are in demand. We provide trade fairs, business premises and vehicle fleets with their own image with brilliant communication. In addition to the usual, we like to explore new paths, look at the technical options and get to work. This is how we developed our vision to supply a total package to the business-to-business market. In many cases, graphic design can be so much better, as well as providing service. With that idiosyncrasy we bring innovation and with that we conquer more and more hearts. So we'll be fine with that.

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